Tracey Anne’s Natural Health Therapies

A flower, the smile of heaven, a rose, the aroma divine, where God’s love, the angel’s joy and peace align

Hi, I’m Tracey Anne. The Sole to Heal Pathways therapies clinic opened after I completed my aromaflextherapy qualifications at Aromaflex Academy in Nelson in 2014.  I ran the clinic until mid 2019 and then I was blessed to be able to spend some time in the UK supporting my parents as part of my father’s end of life care team.

This year, 2021, I’ve renamed the clinic, Tracey Anne’s Aroma’s, as I begin to look at creating aromatherapy blends / perfumes alongside working as a Dementia volunteer offering hand aromatherapy  at our local Selwyn Retirement Village in Point Chevalier. I’m also still avidly collecting my healing herbal teas.

My journey to here begins with my story below.

After having worked in administration and finance for much of my career, I became interested in peoples’ health and wellbeing. I decided to change my career direction and studied Social, Child & Criminal Psychology through the Open University in the UK. I continued working full time as an export credit controller for a major manufacturing company during my studies.

On completion of my BHons Psychology degree I returned to New Zealand where I had lived from the age of 6 to 17.  Initially I temped and worked as a creche casual assistant reliever in Christchurch before moving to Auckland.  In Auckland I worked for the Mediation service and Statistics NZ before finding work with AUT University as their Scholarship Officer. In this role I did pastoral care work and finance / administration. It was during this time I began volunteering.

First I volunteered for the Youthline Suicide telephone lines and then for a respite hospice where because of my lifetime interest in aromas and perfumes, I was asked to give Aromatherapy treatments. The people in respite care loved these treatments and I enjoyed listening to their life stories.

I decided to pursue aromatherapy studies in 2012 and qualified in 2014. I opened a home clinic offering Aromaflexology therapy treatments for the hands, feet and face. Concurrently, I continued my admin / pastoral care work in local educational institutions. In 2020 I began working as a Virtual Administrator for Educational Institutions first as a student advisor administrator which included student support and setting up online tests.  This year I’ve been working from home interviewing students for applications and enrolments through virtual platforms Microsoft Teams and others.

This year, I’ve also been studying Intro to Dementia and Preventing Dementia courses through the University of Tasmania for my volunteer work at Selwyn Village.

Please find below a list of some of my qualifications and professional development courses:
Dip in Information Technology (Business Administration)
Open Uni (UK) BSC Hons Social, Crime & Child Psychology; Dip in Applied Social Sciences
AUT Grad Cert Psychosocial studies in Mental Health
Aromaflex Dip in Clinical & Advanced Aromatherapy Techniques, Cert in Aromatherapy
AUT Level 5 Papers; Anatomy & Physiology and Career Counselling
EMA Team Leader training
Annie Prince Aromatic touch; Natural Facelift Massage; Aromaflexology for pain & Lymphatic Massage; Kansa Roller Foot & Facial Rejuvenation Massage
In 2020: Diploma in Aromatherapy and Advanced Aromatherapy CofE
In 2021: Dementia Studies and Flexilearn with St John’s Theological college to continue my spiritual and pastoral care journey.

In the clinic I offered Aromatherapy for the Feet, Face & Hands.  Treatments included a relaxing Aromatherapy foot bath, Aromaflexology, Individualised aromatherapy oil blends, Lymph Drainage techniques, Kansa Wand Massage, Facial Rejuvenation treatments, Herbal Therapies / Tea, time to talk, care and share wisdom. 

Tracey Anne’s is a place to relax, unwind and heal.  New bookings are not being taken at this time due to Covid-19.  Please keep an eye on the website for any updates to clinic availability.  To find out more visit Treatments

What People Say

I walk in and feel immediately relaxed. I leave feeling a renewed vitality and peace.


The swelling in my feet has gone – amazing.

My hot flashes have stopped and I feel so much better.

Gina & Sandra

I have problems sleeping and yet in moments of lying down when the treatment started I was miles away and so relaxed.  Makes a difference for exams and challenging times. 


I have been getting regular treatments from Tracey for a few weeks now and aside from being a very relaxing and lovely experience it is really helping me in all sorts of ways. I am sleeping better, I have more energy and in a way that is difficult to articulate it is helping me achieve some clarity and encouraging me to be more mindful about my own health. I’d recommend Tracey to anyone who feels they need to regain some balance. She has a wonderful soothing and caring approach and your feet feel fabulous at the end of it!


I have had many treatments with Tracey; Reflexology on my hands, feet, face and ears. Tracey is very thorough before, during and at the end of a treatment. I felt very relaxed and her caring approach was lovely. Just recently I received an Aromaflexology treatment, it was bliss and I felt as light as a feather afterwards. Tracey is a professional in all she does and I highly recommend a treatment with her.


Let’s create your healing space together.

Located in Point Chevalier
Auckland 1022
New Zealand